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  1. For the chapter 2 side quest Survivor School, one of the objectives is to kill a wolf in all three regions you explore in the chapter. Issue is, I'm playing on Green Survivor and as soon as I can see the wolf it runs away. I really want to complete this quest so I can fully complete the episode. Does anyone know any strategies on how to get close enough to a wolf to kill it? Right now I can barely get within 20 feet of one without it running away, and my aim is not that good as to hit it from that far away.
  2. I finished getting the spear and was on my way back to Jeremiah, and decided I would get the Aurora's Hatch while I was there. Well, I've camped outside of it for 20 nights, waking up every hour, and there hasn't been an Aurora. I can understand it's rare, but after 20 consecutive nights, I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Do I have to progress the main story further before another Aurora happens? Or am I just getting unlucky?