Snow Shoes


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It would be cool if you could get through the snow faster with snow shoes. I always see people crafting these on survivor shows. It’s just sticks and line! 
In game, they can be fragile and break easy when you’re on a slope.

And they only work well in the snow, it would make you very slow on the ice or road etc.

-Tan Man

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I would like to see some sort of building, like you could use planks found around the game and nails crafted from scrap metal in forages. Also, a mode were its not story but there is people that trade and you can do quests for them for rewards. I know im asking for a lot but every like 100 days it turns spring for like 30 days and other animals come out during spring. you can build in certain areas. 

I know I am asking for a lot but these changes would help people with cabin fever and that have to go in caves

- shawn

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