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Hello Community,  
Apologize here in case I spoil anything for anyone.  

Finally got the opportunity to start Episode 3 today and so far I've been having a fun day.   After talking to priest and getting all updated about the plane and after taking the phone call, i spend some time getting situated to go on my next quest.   I probably should mention,  Astrid is pretty well clothed and armed.  By this point she's got a rifle, a pistol, survival bow and arrows (not many but some), the hatchet, hunting knife and prybar.   As I prepare to leave I go to equip the rifle only to be prompted that I could not equip a weapon....  I think I already know what was coming next.

I step outside only to be immediately menaced by a Timberwolf pack!  Yeah, I saw that coming...  I equip the rifle and almost immediately the dance begins.  I step off the stairs and almost immediately hear close growling sounds to the left.  I pan left and there it is, my first wolf of the pack.  Crouching down as I quickly try to aim, I see nothing but fur and take the shot!  Instakill!  I quickly look for the next target(s) but the two remaining wolves scamper away.  Suddenly, but briefly, the achievement unlocked icon appears on the screen.   Ok, glad to have achieved it,  but wasnt I supposed to kill all three wolves?  Seemed just a little too easy.  

Sorry about the long winded diatribe, but later when I was in my Steam account I was looking thru the achievements and when I highlighted the achievement

Unlocked May 12 @ 1:54pm

There Will Be Blood

Defeat your first Timberwolf pack.

Steam stats indicated only 5.2% of players on Steam had unlocked that achievement.  Now either there's a lot of accounts on Steam that own TLD or this achievement is a lot harder than it seemed?  Or are there maybe a lot of Steam users that just havent played the game since Episode 3 came out.  If so, that would be sad.  

Anyways, did I get off easy?  I dunno?  Is it supposed to be all three and it glitched?  Wouldn't anyone and everyone who as progressed past this stage in the story obtain this achievement?  


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3 hours ago, DerpyLemon115 said:

The way that the timberwolves work is they have a moral bar, which you should be able to see at the bottom of the screen. The bar lowers by shooting at them, and hitting them makes it lower even faster, killing them makes it lower the quickest. Since you shot and killed one wolf the others ran off due to their moral being depleted instantly. So no you don't actually have to kill all the wolves, you just have you deplete their moral to "defeat" them, so it's not a glitch, it's meant to happen.

Oh....  I get it, now.  Thanks for the explanation.  I kinda didn't notice that the first time around on account everything happened so fast and I didn't know what to look for.   In my game, after I saw the other wolfs bolt, I took the time to harvest the downed wolf in bits and pieces while waiting for the other two wolves to return.  They didn't so I ended up going back inside to drop off my goodies.  Subsequently when I left the building the two wolves had returned and so the dance began again.  This time around I did see the "moral bar" but still not fully realizing what it was telling me.  I tried the same tactic as before only to be constantly straffed from one side to the other.  I had such a hard time swinging that rifle around and took a couple of pot shots but that didn't slow them down too much.  I finally switched to the pistol in desperation and took another shot or two and they kinda veered off and at that point I do believe their meter was only down half way... but so was my health bar.  I that point I figured I better regroup and ducked back inside to nurse my wounds and check my condition.    Once I'm inside I check myself, no bleeding, or bites, no need for bandages, antiseptic or pain killers, but my health is down 50% and when I look at my clothing every I am wearing is at 95-99%  condition except one pair of socks has been completely destroyed?!?   lol

anyway, thanks again for the heads up!

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