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  1. LOL, you beat me to the punch. I was just gonna post here my wish list to be able to at least bury the dead people outside. They could make it a craftable mound much like a snow cave, right? I'd keep the materials list doable...20 stones instead of 200, and utilizing at least 4-6 pieces of wood, maybe a piece of cloth or two if you wanted to do something decorative. something like this?
  2. Oh.... I get it, now. Thanks for the explanation. I kinda didn't notice that the first time around on account everything happened so fast and I didn't know what to look for. In my game, after I saw the other wolfs bolt, I took the time to harvest the downed wolf in bits and pieces while waiting for the other two wolves to return. They didn't so I ended up going back inside to drop off my goodies. Subsequently when I left the building the two wolves had returned and so the dance began again. This time around I did see the "moral bar" but still not fully realizing what it was telling me. I tried the same tactic as before only to be constantly straffed from one side to the other. I had such a hard time swinging that rifle around and took a couple of pot shots but that didn't slow them down too much. I finally switched to the pistol in desperation and took another shot or two and they kinda veered off and at that point I do believe their meter was only down half way... but so was my health bar. I that point I figured I better regroup and ducked back inside to nurse my wounds and check my condition. Once I'm inside I check myself, no bleeding, or bites, no need for bandages, antiseptic or pain killers, but my health is down 50% and when I look at my clothing every I am wearing is at 95-99% condition except one pair of socks has been completely destroyed?!? lol anyway, thanks again for the heads up!
  3. Hello Community, Apologize here in case I spoil anything for anyone. Finally got the opportunity to start Episode 3 today and so far I've been having a fun day. After talking to priest and getting all updated about the plane and after taking the phone call, i spend some time getting situated to go on my next quest. I probably should mention, Astrid is pretty well clothed and armed. By this point she's got a rifle, a pistol, survival bow and arrows (not many but some), the hatchet, hunting knife and prybar. As I prepare to leave I go to equip the rifle only to be prompted that I could not equip a weapon.... I think I already know what was coming next. I step outside only to be immediately menaced by a Timberwolf pack! Yeah, I saw that coming... I equip the rifle and almost immediately the dance begins. I step off the stairs and almost immediately hear close growling sounds to the left. I pan left and there it is, my first wolf of the pack. Crouching down as I quickly try to aim, I see nothing but fur and take the shot! Instakill! I quickly look for the next target(s) but the two remaining wolves scamper away. Suddenly, but briefly, the achievement unlocked icon appears on the screen. Ok, glad to have achieved it, but wasnt I supposed to kill all three wolves? Seemed just a little too easy. Sorry about the long winded diatribe, but later when I was in my Steam account I was looking thru the achievements and when I highlighted the achievement Unlocked May 12 @ 1:54pm There Will Be Blood Defeat your first Timberwolf pack. Steam stats indicated only 5.2% of players on Steam had unlocked that achievement. Now either there's a lot of accounts on Steam that own TLD or this achievement is a lot harder than it seemed? Or are there maybe a lot of Steam users that just havent played the game since Episode 3 came out. If so, that would be sad. Anyways, did I get off easy? I dunno? Is it supposed to be all three and it glitched? Wouldn't anyone and everyone who as progressed past this stage in the story obtain this achievement?
  4. Nice Shot Zap!
  5. I'm actually looking forward to the time when Hinterland launches their User Generated Content project for modding. One of the first things on my wish list would be a hand tool craftable work bench. This is something that you could build in a cave and then use it to craft clothing and what not. Simple mods like this will add elements and function that will make this beautiful yet deadly region just a little more appealing and hospitable.
  6. Yeah, I found that food cache once right where you said it was. It was okay and all, but overall I was kinda disappointed. It was definitely a while back and when I went to PV, I never did find the one. It was well before this last update, probably closer to when the first episode had just come out so I probably just couldnt find it. Question is does the glitched food bunker show up in story mode during episode three? If so, that might impact gameplay? I dunno, haven't had the chance to play it yet.
  7. Battery Jokes... Where does a mountaineer keep his airplane? In a cliffhanger!
  8. LOL, I wasn't sure what I was reading when I came across this... At first glance I wasn't sure if this was a spell from a Harry Potter book or a sexual position from the Kama Sutra.
  9. To the left of the bear cave there's a lookout area looking down on the clearing near the the cave with the laptop. If you go further left, around the rock outcropping, if memory serves is an anchor rock for a mountaineering rope. I didn't have a rope at the time, being loaded up with food just in case i didnt make it down the steep slope before sunrise. I managed to avoid the bear but crouch walking around the rock out cropping and then duck walking down the steep cliff side by traversing left to right with a series of "controlled" falls until I reached the bottom, pretty bruised and sprained for certain! I hobbled as fast as my sprained limbs would allow straight away to the cave containing the lap top without further incident and with sufficient time remaining before day break and retrieved the final archive.
  10. Not sure how often or if the corpse at the signal fire always shows up here, but it did for me today. Got to wondering what happened to this guy? When I got up to top, there was food, clothing, a campfire with plenty of fuel and an intact snow shelter. Not to mention the moose leather satchel and a backpack with some additional goodies like a whetstone, chocolate and some assorted ammo. The corpse yielded a good condition hatchet, some sardines, a rifle bullet and a pack of matches. I lit up a fire and started some rosehip tea before I looted all the goodies. The snow shelter repair took all of two sticks. So... why is this dude dead up here? what did he die of? From the looks of things, this spot has what you need. obviously the two liter pot was mine, but the canned goods in the snow where here when I got up here. So the guy didn't die from dehydration, or at least he shouldn't have. The snow shelter was practically new so the guy should't have died from exposure. Their was plenty to eat to stave off utter starvation. So what killed this guy? Anyone know of any backstory lore relating to this area, if you do, please share, please and thank you!
  11. Thanks for asking! I decided to approach my goal via CH. Once I left the Ravine, I pretty much traversed CH without incident accessed PV via the mine network and easily retrieved the record from the convenience store. Subsequently made it to Pensive Pond where I was menaced by a moose. I skirted around the old road where I had my one and only wolf encounter on the PV map leading up to the transmission tower. Got that one without incident as well. Ended up crossing the map straight across, had the revolver out in anticipation but didn't run into any trouble as I made it to the hatch in record time. I ended up transitioning to TWM a few hours before dawn and by the time I got to the mountaineers hut had a full on aurora going. I went for broke and shimmied down the mountain side just to the left of the bear cave sustaining a few sprains on the way down and ended up hobbling past the cargo containers to the cave just in time to recover the final file and complete the challenge for the victory!
  12. Thanks for all the great comments. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I didn't find the firewood hatch! lol But the whetstone is a good and the energy drinks very useful. Not sure if there's food for a month like @ManicManiac mentioned but the foodstuffs will certainly keep me fed until I can find some weapons and get to hunting.
  13. I find myself pretty banged up having just survived another attack from yet another marauding wolf, as I am trekking thru Mystery Lake on the way to the dam to see if I can find a hacksaw. As I am trekking into a head wind, my condition was starting to drop pretty low and with that gnarly head wind holding me back, I seek temporary refuge in the old train car near the log sort. As I am administering to myself, I hear that "uuhh" sound the wolf sometime make when they are close by and drop dead. As I am looking about from the inside of the train car, I see this black shape up the side of the hill. You can make it out if you look pretty much right in the middle of the pic, just to the left of that tree. Being low on supplies I decide I should go harvest the wolf while I have the opportunity. I fix up my gear and start making my way over to the other side. As I make my way around the rock ledge, I finally get a clear view of my goal and Surprise! Not a wolf carcass but a friggin hatch! HA, I actually laughed out loud to myself. Found me a Hatch! Looking back down at the train car from the hatch. So excited to enter this hatch. This is the first time I've found a hatch. I never go looking for them at any rate so this just icing on the cake. I break out my storm lantern and get ready to enter the hatch. Wow, this place musta been here for a very long time. Big tree roots have broken in thru the ceilings and are growing thru the walls. It's been pretty damp in here too as the ladder is covered in snow and icicles. I can't imagine that there's much if anything worth salvaging... I turn around and it's just a little room with a few shelves some crates and a bed. I took the liberty of breaking down the crates to see if there way any loot and I dropped the reclaimed wood where I found the crates. The items on the floor were either on or in the crates. I checked the vent and found a signal flare shell. Mostly just canned goods and some water. No weapons, no bullets, no arrows, no meds either. Whetstone was good to find. File cabinets were empty except one, it had an orange soda in it. I guess this is the legendary food hatch. From the looks of things, who ever built it, musta built it as a fallout shelter, given the poster on the wall. It looks like it may have been used off and on over the years considering the MRE and plastic water bottles. Those tree roots though are huge making me think that this space has been abandoned for a very long time.
  14. Title and question is the same... do the bunkers spawn in ML and PV in the challenges?
  15. @DarkTreader, appreciate the heads up. gonna have to rest up a bit and get all my stuff repaired. I was/am down to like 19% on almost everything I am wearing. all except my deerskin pants? unscathed at 98%, go figure
  16. Playing Archivist challenge. Got Pleasant Valley and Timberwolf Mt. left to collect and challenge accomplished. I cant really say why I left these two regions for last, but it kinda seemed logical to think of that area as a large three location map. Been waffling on which way to approach this final assault so I am currently holed up in the Ravine taking a little respite from the constant onslaught of those damn wolves. So what to do? As I contemplate each of the locations, they all have their bear bosses patrolling nearby and plenty of wolves too. so regardless, gonna need to be geared up, healed, fed, hydrated, armed and unencumbered... lol ok, then, Winding River access thru the Cave system, enter PV. Work my way to TWM transition? assuming I survive to come back to PV, then hit the C Store and finally the transmission tower for the victory? Or, battle my way back across CH to transit to PV via the cave network exiting practically above the C Store. Hit that then the transmission tower with the final final push for the win thru TWM? so much open area to cover and not much cover. this challenge has taxed my game play, the bears just seem to appear outta no where, I dont seem to get jumped any where near this much when I am playing in the sand box. and dont get me started about that wind... gawd i hate that wind... let me know what you think, please and thank you
  17. I just started a new run and without weapons, it was tough getting started. I just started carrying a couple of birch and maple saplings with me and everytime i stopped over night I dropped them on the ground for curing. I even managed to crafts some arrowheads but that was all. didnt waste time with anything else though. finally feel like the ratio of whetstones is in sync with how long it takes to complete this challenge I know what you mean, happened to me already... got over to Milton town, early in the evening, hit the post office, grab the file. shoulda woulda coulda made it to the Orca and grabbed that last file, but no... decided to camp out figuring I would get another aurora the next night... yeah like 14 days later. In the downtime waiting I stripped Milton Town clean and when I finally got the file from the gas station computer I had something like 12 cooking pots in the house and enough clothing to start a boutique!
  18. Haven't completed this challenge yet and was curious as to what tips or strategies work best? Last time I attempted a go at this, I got double mauled by a bear just after a couple of days of in game time. So obviously dodging the bear is par for the course. What's a good strategy to use? Do you take time to loot and gear up, or is it better to run and gun or just run and try to avoid the wildlife as best you can? Is there any particular route or order that's more practical than another? Do you take the time to harvest maple and birch saplings in order to craft weapons later or do you just hope to find stuff on the run? Do you bother forging when you get to a forge or do you just play through? How many hours of game play did Hinterland expect the average player to spend in pursuit of completing this challenge? Has anyone done a speed run on this and if so, will you relate your story, please? thanks in advance for helping a noobie out!
  19. This machine has a Carter Hydro badge on it. I'm curious what it supposed to be for? It kinda looks like it could be a boiler of some sort maybe a steam generation unit? Curious if there's any back story to these devices cause it seems like there are multiple smaller ones scattered about the township in various locations. lemme know if you do, thanks.
  20. I keep that well fed status going by regularly spending time hunting those pesky wabbits! For those of you who aren't throwing stones with the proficiency you like all I can say is practice, practice, practice. I like to load up on stones, usually about 10 or so. keeping all those stones in you pocket also gives you auto reload! Today I am out behind the Orca gas station in Milton where there's a least two rabbits and almost always a couple of deer, so you wont be coming home empty handed either way. I've been pretty successful with snaring but have been a pretty poor aim until recently when I finally started figuring out how to line up my shot better by having my target line up between by thumb and index finger for short range shots and more of an open sight picture for the longer range targets. This is a fairly long shot, it seems doable so I am also using my Jedi mind powers to "snare" the bunny in place while I take my time lining up the shot. Now, I am a little up hill on my side of roadway so I am kinda throwing down but also and what I think is most important is that my target is almost center on screen and it's that part of the equation where in the game mechanics, projectiles like to fly to the center of the screen. Or so I've been told by others. I hurl the stone like a bullet, it's going so fast that by the time I mash the F10 key the stone has almost reached it's target... almost there and then all of a sudden the little guy started to move... still center on the screen... BOP! look at the stone ricochet off that bunny! Well I hope you enjoyed this visual narrative on throwing stones. I was mashing that F10 key the whole time and actually nicely surprised it would catch the stones mid flight.
  21. Interesting question you've posed. Considering the varied strategies that players use to play the game probably greatly affects their decision to harvest or repair items they find in game. I for one, like to collect and salvage every item I can find and repair everything to 100% if I can. I've hauled some much crap off the summit that it would take up to 6 trips to get it all down to the mountaineers hut. 18 lanterns or more is no easy task, unless you got some Sherpa blood in ya!
  22. No, actually found it while helping my nephew research Mountain Men for his scouting project. It was in Google Images. Pretty cool, huh?