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  1. No, actually found it while helping my nephew research Mountain Men for his scouting project. It was in Google Images. Pretty cool, huh?
  2. Came across this image the other day. Liked it so much decided to use it as my avatar photo! Check this dude out... has all the elements in it that the game currently has! that's one hella hatchet? Huh? I guess he just sends his wolf pack out to bring down the deer and probably anything else that gets in his way! all the credit to JP for this awesome picture!
  3. The valiant little tailor was an amateur... 8 in one night, each snare placed productive. This is the most I ever caught in one night. It was most fortuitous that my snare placement fell between two steep embankments in the snow creating a funnel into my dual rows of snares. Either way, like a boss! Now I'm wondering if I had made more snares, would I have caught more hares? No hares, without snares! Where else besides JackRabbit Island could a player get results like this? I'm new to the game so I am not sure if this is common or not? Please comment below. Thanks, let me know y'all think.
  4. what do you call a wolf with no legs? Lunch! as my granddaddy would say, there's still a lot of meat on them bones!
  5. Hey, you'll be done in no time. btw, but is that coastal highway ? across from the blue house?
  6. Hello from Spokane County, Washington. Washington might be the evergreen state but we get some serious snow out here. This is a pic of me going to work up north of Iron Mountain in the Metaline Falls area. It took me a while to saddle break ole "Duke" here. He doesn't like the smell of my coat too much... In case you're wondering, I became the Leader of my local wolfpack after I killed the alpha male barehanded and ate his heart. anyways, love this game!
  7. i got the same thing placing some rabbit meat on the barrel stove in the gas station before I lit the fire.