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This has happened to me a couple of times now, once in survival mode and the other just now as I was replaying Wintermute.   I'm on PC, if that might also be relevant.

I'm in my inventory and am harvesting cloth on some low level items,  this one today was wool mittens in case that is important later.  I select the item and click harvest, the tearing sound starts up and the radial timer starts and when the item has been harvested the screen just resets to my clothing inventory and the tearing sound just keeps looping and the radial timer just keeps spinning.  I'm unable to exit the menu and unable to escape, however I can select other items in the inventory and the background does change but the tearing sound and spinning timer just keep going.  The only way to stop it was to launch task manager and shut down the program.    

Has this happened to anyone else?  Is it just me with a random glitch or should I be submitting a troubleshooting ticket?


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