Hunting and damage output patches


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Just got into the long dark. In my opinion it's a good attempt  at survival game. It really  is  a step in the right direction. I play on the xbox the guns seem extremely broken I got the 303 rifle its taking to many bullets to kill anything.  The revolver is a nightmare  if your hunting it's never downed a wolf in my game I have shot 10 and tracked em till I started  to freeze this really is ruining  the game. Also why would  I build the bow to hunt with when it frequently  takes two shots to kill a deer with a high velocity full powered 30cal. Grizzlys seem decent have been reading about some guy shot a charging grizz 5 times it still killed him. Will be watching but this and not being able to craft snow shelter is a raging bummer. If you guys add a new weapon  please be a spear  and allow it to be used in a throwers manner stabbing is overpowered I feel but thrown one spear one kill is probably for the best.

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