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  1. Lol I found every single wolf I shot just took two days for em to wind up dead. Long term here I come even went fishing cause I just wanted to
  2. I like your Canibalistic enemy's. why not consume them after you killed them? this all sounds complicated to do but in time a multi person lobby kind of like day z. Minimal pvp just rocks being thrown torches no guns or arrows. And ability to bait predators in and kill your competitors in the region?
  3. You got to be careful about the that's what I would do. As a eagle scout it just boggles my brain the amount of activity I could do but cant. End results me getting tired of some dev guy interpretation of a survival situation. Let's face it 99% of the people that play this game wouldn't make it out of the plane crash. The 1% that do half die to being injured during crash. The rest begin to dwindle cause it's cold and wolves bite em any that made it past the initial bite. Infection sets in within days. I dont fly so I wouldn't be in a plane crash period. Travel is better done myself
  4. Jesse92


    I just dont see how you even can aim with a controller besides that the damage is that of a 22 with the revolver. Tried to kill the bear with 303 rifle in my first play through 3 shots to the chest spotted blood each time it kills me after 1hr of in game time didnt bleed out
  5. Just got into the long dark. In my opinion it's a good attempt at survival game. It really is a step in the right direction. I play on the xbox the guns seem extremely broken I got the 303 rifle its taking to many bullets to kill anything. The revolver is a nightmare if your hunting it's never downed a wolf in my game I have shot 10 and tracked em till I started to freeze this really is ruining the game. Also why would I build the bow to hunt with when it frequently takes two shots to kill a deer with a high velocity full powered 30cal. Grizzlys seem decent have been reading about som