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Previously purchased The Long Dark on Xbox One (shortly after it was made available as a Game Preview) and now I've added it to my PC to play.  My question is regarding HDR.  It seems that HDR is supported on PS4/Xbox One, but I don't see any settings for it on PC.  Is HDR currently supported on PC?  If so, is there some secret to activating it?

Thank you

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Assuming you mean if it supports high resolution, yes I currently play in 4K.  HDR is "high dynamic range" and is a feature some TV's and monitors support, so that they produce more vivid colors.  It is platform agnostic.

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Yes, I am speaking about High Dynamic Range.  While it may be a platform agnostic feature, it still has to be specifically included.  Often times PC ports do not include certain features, or at least not right away.  I have been unable to confirm HDR support in the PC version, as there is no option to enable/disable or adjust it in the settings.  I found this odd, as I've heard that the Xbox and PS4 versions do support it.

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