Survive and crafting in the wild


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I apologize in advance for the error in this text - I am not a native speaker of English.

I’ve been following this project since the winter of 2014.

I abandoned the project with the release of the story company in the summer of 2017 - I hoped to return when all the episodes were released - the full story company didn’t come out, but I wanted to plunge into the process of survival.

Of the locations I am not familiar only with those that came out after 2016.

Opened STEAM - downloaded the game - look at the available locations.

Mountain Town and Bleak Inlet dropped right away - typical survival - found a comfortable house - collected useful junk from all around - studied all places for food collection/production - crafted a full fur outfit - survival is over.

I chose the Hushed River Valley for the start - a beautiful location - beautiful and absolutely wild - extensive - multi-level - interesting to study - interesting to get food - ... ..

BUT unfortunately it is impossible to survive on it for a long time - I have skins / guts / materials for bow and arrows / knife / ax / tools / sewing kits - BUT I CAN'T CRAFT ANYTHING FROM CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT– which I absolutely need for survival - I need to go over in Mountain Town and look for a stupid stationary workbench - which completely breaks the gaming experience - to create rabbit mittens or bow I need to look for a table with a holder, seriously?

I want to survive in absolutely wild conditions, but game conventions don’t give me such an opportunity - choose a simple location - find a comfortable house - ............... .


1) Add the opportunity, if not to abolish the workbench, then add the ability to craft and transfer it - a small table made of wood and guts - not necessarily even in a stationary form, it can be stored in inventory - like tool sets and sewing, but weighing a lot - I want to survive in the wild - and the need to constantly return to the stationary workbench  for crafting, this breaks the gaming experience.

2) Crafting things from bones and horns - *having the necessary iron tools - weak knives, weak arrowheads, fishing hooks, ... ..

3) Crafting of portable containers - for the shelter environment - through the camp menu.

4) Add the ability to pick up / carry small containers - backpacks for example - for the shelter environment - the number of containers in the shelter is of great importance.

5) Add the possibility of fishing outside special buildings - add special places for fishing on the ice - this does not break the balance of the game - because of the cold / wind / predators - it’s impossible to fish like that for a long time - there are a lot of water spaces in the Hushed River Valley location - and to fish having tools is impossible - a game omission.

Thank you for the attention.


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