4DoN took a dark turn!

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So on Day three I was on my way to Milton and got into a struggle with an Aurora wolf between the rope climbs near the garage. After fighting him off I went to the cave to sleep and recover condition before I attempted to get past the several wolves I imagined would be near the garage. When I awoke I could hear a wolf howling close by and went to investigate. I saw him caught up on the rocks and crept up and shot him from quite close range. Nothing happened. I shot him again, still nothing happened. He just continued in the howling animation. I crept up to point blank range and shot him another 3 times with the rifle and twice with the distress pistol and still nothing, he just carried on howling. I then got so close that the tag came up 'Wolf carcass 27% frozen'. So he had died from the struggle and was now stuck in the howling animation. I then took the opportunity to literally skin him alive, harvested the pelt and guts as he continued to howl away! I have to say that was a very unsettling experience and very much in keeping with Halloween!


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Yeah, there's an issue with wolves getting stuck if you kill them during a different animation than their standard. I tend to do a lot of close-range face shooting while wolves are charging me, and if I happen to get a body shot (i.e. not immediately killing them) and get into a struggle, after a couple of stabs with the knife they'll die and be frozen in the struggle anim.

Looks goofy as hell :)

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