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I don"t know,if this was possible earlyer,but as it can be seen on screenshoot I attached,I can safely make firecamp in frontyard of Jackrabbit`s House,just in place,where is enter to terrace.And as you can see,that was even in heavy blizzard! :)

Maybe campfire can burn coz it is covered with that uphill on right side and wind blows just in line with uphill.But,the fact is,that I can make campfire without fear to be burned out exactly on that place. :) I don"t go anymore down to fishing huts to cook meat and boil water,coz I can do it right there and have escape near,if wolf attacks me.And wolf can attack me only if he jumps over fire,other sides are defended with fence. :)


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Yes you can bury almost half of the fire under the wood planks. You can be safe during blizzards depending from which direction the wind blows. If it's coming from straight ahead or right it'll be blown out, from behind or left it will hold. Sometimes though the wind changes during a blizzard, so it won't always survive the wind.

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@Opeth1939 Yeah,I know it can be placed almost infront doors,but I was talking about plsce,where campfire can burn even in blizard condition. :)

@ ChillPlayer Owh,I,I had only luck till now,that my campfire wasn`t cought by opposite wind. :) I will keep that in mind and will still go for it,just that I will now expect that fire will be burned out by wind possibility.

Darn,I must say I"m quite impresssed by myself.Third long game in the row and it is 81st day of survival ongoing in this game.True,I play Voayegeur mode,but according that I play TLD 3 weeks only,I still think it is quite good achievement.After month of real time playing TLD,I"m sure I will also be ready for stalker mode.Just need more practice.I still need do discover that left side of CH map,where is town,I think.And that area after town.Today I found out that Abandoned Lookout and 4 cabins below him,as well Silent Clearing area and that fancy house near. :) After I will discover all map of CH,I will go visit new map.I"m very happy I didn"t see any map of CH,so all those areas are realy completely new for me and I discover them for the first time.:-)

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I guess with this technique we can officially crown Jackrabbit island the best habitable place at current on all 3 maps.

Access to renewable food via rabbits

Limited access in nearby area by wolves

Protected cooking from wolves and about 50% protected from environment

Access to beds

Access to several hundred lbs of storage

Half a days travel to crafting table

Access to unlimited wood for foraging and there by unlimited water

If you have the magnifying glass this is probably the final settling point.

What I really like about this place is, you can forage for wood outside, without getting cold if you keep a fire going, and in turn load up a few dozen or few hundred chunks of wood and just keep that fire going.

You have a very poor chance of starting a fire with the magnifying glass say, only during daylight, only during clear sunny days, but once you get it going you only have a 50% chance of it burning out a storm hits, unless it changes or starts blowing in the wrong direction. So this may be the best spot on the whole map for safety to get a fire going. There is only one rock structure near the rabbit grove which offers about 75% enclosure I've found that is better but there is no wolf guarding railing. If you kept the fire going you could traverse down to the crafting table and make some snares or work on the coat etc and come back after 4 hours of working and re-add wood to the fire. If the weather is nice might even be able to get a fire started right by the crafting table and work non-stop outdoors.

Brilliant technique.

The advantage over the trappers and camp office is that you can't light a fire indoors once the matches are gone unless u have the fire striker which correct me if I am wrong but also dies too. Only the magnifying glass lives on forever.

Essentially if you acquire the magnifying glass, and you have a place to sleep, access to food, and a place to make fire for water you are sustainable am I correct?

Using this location I think you could literally post indefinitely.

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