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I'd like to see in the game this item, but not as automatically drawn map with player on it, no, it is not interesting at all. Instead, I suggest this:

1) You need to find roll of paper, or something similar, and a pen/pencil/etc. For each location separate piece of paper required.

2)As we have different skills in game, let it be one more - cartography.

3)You may start to draw map anywhere, but you need to stand still while you drawing and objects which in line of sight are actually drawn

4)More your skill is - more detailed map you get and faster you draw it.

5)You cannot edit existed piece of drawn map, if you want to get more detailed one you have to start a new map.

6)Of course, there is no player arrow on it, it is just an item.

7)To complicate map drawing, pieces of map you've drawn should be connected with each other. Because you don't know the distance between objects.

BONUS: Find crayons to draw your map colorful!

P.S. Sorry for my Engish.

P.P.S. Excuse me if this has already been suggested.

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I was thinking along the idea of finding map fragments, scrawled on by other survivors with information about the area (E.g. "Wolf den here, keep clear" or "loose snow and scree- avalanche zone". as well as this you should find almanacs and journals that fill in the blanks. When you have collected enough scraps, you can tape them together on a larger piece of paper (which you have to find) to create a larger map.

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