What is that creepy sound at Camp Office in ML map?


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I noticed today...better,I heared, realy unknown,creepy sound,when I was standing on Camp Office terrace and peeking around the corner towards lake,if there is any wolf.It was windy weather and that sound was heared so clear.I got so intensive tingling all over my back and I stepped back.When I came to door,that sound stopped.As soon I moved again towards corner,sound was heared again.It was so weird...it sounded first like yearning ice,then it sounded like someone is running on the snow just near me.I looked arround,but there was no wolf.And I could not determine the side,from which that sound was comming.Then I looked up and saw that canadian flag moving on the wind.Is maybe that flag doing that creepy sound?

Dang,Hinterland guys...you realy did helluwa awesome job with those details.I find every day something new and impressive in this awesome game,lol.Sometimes I fall in to game so deep,that it is for me like real happening. :) Many times,when I close my laptop,I am so tired and my head and neck hurts,as well I feel that tingling and fast heart beating. :) This game realy makes impressive real effects. :D

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