Differentiating harvest products, ropes and repairable stove


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And then Satan said "Put the alphabet in maths", and then Humanity said "let's add the Greek alphabet to math as well" and then even Satan raised an eyebrow, and left to study art

That's what I'm suggesting folks (no, not maths), More complexity!

When you harvest different items, do you expect to receive the same product? Then why would a pry bar yield scrap metal the same as a gun? or a knife?

My suggestion is that harvesting items yields different types of scrap metal, cloth and other materials.

Scrap metals should be divided into 4 categories:

Scrap sheet metal- harvested from lanterns, jerry cans (when harvesting them becomes available), a thin metal used for repairing stoves (which would be an addition I would find interesting- degrading stoves, or stoves you have to reapir before they are safe to use)

Scrap bolts: another byproduct of lanterns, rifles etc, any kind of fasteners

Scrap pipe: only yielded from rifles, little use except repairing rifles, also can be used as a weapon, and a second rate prybar

Scrap bar: yielded from hunting knives, prybars and hatchets, thick, heavy, short sections of metal

Cloth should be separated into 2 categories:

Light cloth: harvested from socks, thin sweaters, fleeces, jeans, cargo pants, toques you name it, useful for bandages and repairing light clothes (inner layers and hats)

Thick felt: Harvested from heavy sweaters, mariner's pea coat, scarves etc, these are good for insulation, and enough can be crafted into wolf-proof body armour, reducing the wolf's damage to you by 50%

Ropes should be added,and can be harvested for heavy line

Heavy line can be used to construct traps, drag sleds (when the suggestion is implemented) tie up rabbit carcasses (when movable corpses are implemented)

regular line is as advertised, fishing, snares, etc etc

the third type can be refined from line at a work bench: Suture thread

As its name suggests, this is a medical addition that allows the player to sew up wounds received in tussles with your local friendly carnivore. sewn wounds heal at a faster rate than just bandaged wounds, and have a decreased risk of infection.

anyway, I hope I haven't made things too complicated, but pick out what you like and make suggestions as to how you thin it could be improved.

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I agree that ropes should be added, and i'm 100% sure they will add them in near future (less than 17 years).

However, TLD is a kinda user-friendly game. It doesn't need a tutorial at all, and things are clear & intuitive as f***.

They for sure make things more complicate in like 1-2 years, when the game will have a reliant system.

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