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Hello the Hinterland Forum!

I bought this game 5 days ago, and instantly fell in love with it, I played for hours on end DAILY, got many 7+ day survival times, explored both maps, and have now decided to join the forum.

So now for the introduction: My name is Luke.I am a 14 year old huge gamer who plays games from Minecraft to Assassin's creed to Sid Meier's civilization.I enjoy most games but I must admit this is special.

When I usually look at the "Early Access" section on the steam store I usually don't get anything and the only reason I look is for fun or to see what to look forward to for when it get's released, but then I looked at this.

I got to admit that when I saw it I thought it was a horror game, I mean when you see a logo saying "The Long Dark" with an axe on the "the", the first thing that comes to your head is "Horror Game?" but after I did some reading/watching I found out I was very wrong.It was a out of the usual survival game, a hardcore, original game that was well thought out and very,very good looking.

So after I watched both trailers, read some reviews by various sites/people, I bought the game.

So here I am now, and may I just say is I have just begun with this game, and I will be watching the progress of this game very,very closely.


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