loot table respawn at coastal town...


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So i was surviving for 41 days , keeping a nice stash in one of the houses at Coastal town...load update 1.81 and decide to go for a walk outside to see whats new. All my stuff was like before, so took some food and went out. Wolf chased me after a while and i run my a** back to those same house. New stuff laying around, all cabinets and drawers untouched....and all my food and other things previously left in the fridge ...gone. Anyway i collected new things and decided to continue the game anyway. Planned to go and search other house all over again. So moved out, but forgot to take water , when came back loot table reset again.....So to confirm the Bug i checked two more houses nearby. Same thing everywhere . After reentering a house loot table resets, things left before ...Gone.I check only 3 houses but i guess bug applies to all. Check the screenshot to see of which 3 houses i'm talking about:

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656 ... 3424206023

Thank you for the great game!

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...forget to mention another bug , at least i think it is.

So on the same 41 day run, I ate tons of spoiled food, most of it below 40 percent, some even under 10 percents, including Raw meat and fish and didnt have food poisoning at all. Not even once.So I guess its not only luck.

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