Weehe died on stupidity again :^)

John Dow

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Hey dear folks,

I made it on rank 8 (239 days) of the longest survival list without game-reloading, even my goal is on year.

And I am happy I died by my own stupidity again :-)

All that bunkering stuff and planning was futile.

Long story short, I realized I was on the brink of dying by not having any matches or firestarters again, as a firestarter is not repairable and looses 10% condition every time used.

So I started to bunker as much water as possible, as my food supplies still had been plenty, same with clothes, materials, ammunition and medicine.

Of course, one day, I needed fresh food again, so I went out hunting, fishing or foraging wood, depending on the weather conditions. Well knowing I only could start maybe 3 or 4 more fires only.

I strived around coastal town, hoping I could spot a dear, to bring it to the lake, where I spotted at least 2 wolves.

But suddenly, two different wolves came around some corner at coastal town, so well, I thought, why not take one of those instead, or maybe both.

Equipped the rifle, letting one wolf come near and... click...

Damned, forgot reloading, so it came to infight. Even I did have my hunting knife with me, I was so surprised, I messed up the mouse clicking thingy and died lolol...

I'm happy as it happened like that :D

Thanks Hinterland for this awful great game ;)

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On the long runs, my only problem so far was the fire issue. Matches, once touched, rot away quite fast and there will be none left after maybe 150 days. Firestarters loose 10% condition every time used and are not repairable.So last chance is the magnifying glass. I will focus on that next time, but I guess it will also loose condition when it's used - and of course adds all the other problems when having to cook your things outside...

So, either leave some matches untouched somewhere and remember their position to get them later when needed, or bunker as much water as possible, so you don't need any fire for a long looong time...

I'm excited to see how it turns out in my next run, but those long days, eating the time are quite a bit repetively boring...

I even tried fishing for entertainment, but the metal is too precious to waste it on hooks, if you don't have to. The fish only is worth eaten as sushi, anyhow. But it's kind of entertaining, for me at least as I like to spend some lonely time in some little hut out on the lake, surrounded by wolves and always in risk of fog or bad weather ;)

Btw. maybe there should be 'natural' non-depleting resources for fresh water, like near the rivers or waterfalls, but maybe that would ruin some of that fun I have with this issue now anyhow too :D

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