#428 Wolves Go Crazy At Ice Fishing Huts


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The first time this happened, I didn't think too much of it, but it just happened again and ruined my lovely run for the 50 days without shooting achievement, so I thought it worth a mention -

When inside an ice fishing hut one day, a wolf spotted me and tried to eat me, but he wasn't smart enough to find the doorway. He ran against the walls for a long while so I just reloaded the game.

The second time the wolf's head was popping right through the hut's wall while he was trying to run through it, but he eventually gave up. A second wolf joined in shortly thereafter, heading straight for the doorway, but then was also not able to enter the hut (I did have the fire going, not sure if that keeps them out in this case). I stuck my nose out of the entrance just a bit too far and was attacked (maybe by both wolves?) and said 'Oh well, I'll have me some wolf meat to add to my fish supper', and promptly lost my 100% health in about 1 second flat.

There I was, dead with a look of bewilderment on my face.

So yes, the bugs I'm reporting are the way the wolves run against the walls, and the way I was so quickly killed.

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I just wanted to chime in and say this bug has happened to me as well. I'm not 100% sure all of what I experienced is a bug? (Except #3 for sure). I guess it depends on weather the fishing hut is technically "indoors" or "outdoors" and how "realistic" the wolf behaviour is intended to be?

1. Should the wolves be able to "detect" us inside the fishing huts? And should they be able to come inside it? The wolf ran around the hut, barking sometimes when I'd move, growling and I could hear his feet running on the ice outside. If I got too close to the doorway he'd attack. The second time I was careful to stay back from the doorway and he wasn't able to reach me.

2. It kind of makes sense that they would circle a fishing hut if they detect you inside (thinking realistically here)...so maybe this is intentional behavior you want in the game...but maybe they should eventually get tired and give up? I was stuck sleeping in a fishing hut for about 3 days waiting it out but the wolf never left. I logged out and back in again and the wolf was gone... so if the goal is to have a rabid wolf who never gives up... might want to look into the logging in/out as a possible "cheat"?

2.5 On another note, I got my achievement for sleeping 3 nights outside...should this be possible in a fishing hut? I wasn't sure if this was the intention since the achievement title is "beneath a starry sky" so I thought I'd throw that out there. :)

3. Seeing a wolf head popping through the walls of the fishing hut at night was pretty terrifying. :o:o

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