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  1. I'm finding the small text on consoles is a bit difficult to read as opposed to playing on the computer. I'd love to see the font size go up a bit.
  2. Playing with a controller on PS4 makes it somewhat more difficult to point precisely at an object quickly, such as a small stone or stick. If the interaction zone was made a bit larger, this would make it easier to do so, in my opinion.
  3. I went outside to see if the view was any better from there and it turned and attacked me.
  4. This sight is enough to stop any Canadian wilderness man's heart.
  5. I think this may have been misplaced by someone.
  6. I watched as a wolf chased down a stag and began to eat. I attacked the wolf with my wonderful knife, and was able to shake him off before I received any damage, but he left the area with all four paws still touching the ground, while growling and eating an invisible deer. I thought I would chase him down to see how this would end:
  7. I know that sometimes, snowdrifts will be covering rocks. However, this doesn't seem to be the case here, as only one side of the drift is solid black, but take a look:
  8. I thought I found some hidden items at first glance, but it looks like we have another graphic issue here:
  9. This house seems to be missing some elements on the roof, as I can see right through it at this point:
  10. I was in a fisherman's hut for a bit, and upon exiting the building saw these telephone lines bouncing up and down quite violently, as if a giant bird had just been sitting on them and had flown away suddenly.
  11. I think this has been mentioned before, but it appears that the issue still exists. I saw a wolf chasing a deer up a hill and I proceeded to chase them in order to get some meat. It took me about 20 seconds to locate the kill, and then saw this:
  12. The first time this happened, I didn't think too much of it, but it just happened again and ruined my lovely run for the 50 days without shooting achievement, so I thought it worth a mention - When inside an ice fishing hut one day, a wolf spotted me and tried to eat me, but he wasn't smart enough to find the doorway. He ran against the walls for a long while so I just reloaded the game. The second time the wolf's head was popping right through the hut's wall while he was trying to run through it, but he eventually gave up. A second wolf joined in shortly thereafter, heading straight for the
  13. I wondered why I was suddenly losing clothes while huddling next to a fire sheltered by a large boulder in the middle of a blizzard. I thought perhaps the fire was burning my clothes off, then when backing away from the campfire didn't help, realized it must have been the pelting snowflake that rendered me naked.
  14. I wish I had been quick enough to take a screenshot of this one, but yes, I was chasing one deer and it ran right through a second one.