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Day 1

Somehow I've found myself in some cave, I don't know how long I had been walking in that blizzard.

I came in and had a look around, since it is too cold to venture out into the gale.

Some poor bastard was here too, it seems, found him frozen stiff towards the back of the cave.

I have virtually no stuff, so I gave him a once over for anything of use, but no joy. Found a note, though, tucked into his breastpocket. Apparently this guy's friend, Dave, told him this was a quite clearing, good for hunting.

No deer here now though, so I don't suppose he had much luck.

Packed up and shipped out as soon as the gale dropped, took a left down this narrow valley, opened up on some lake, no idea where this place is. Temperature was blisteringly cold, so I took shelter in some lakeside cabin, which is where I now write this. There's a poor assortment of resources around here, most of this cabins have been stripped of anything of use. I found a little food in the form of some granola bars, but no water, which is a problem.

The gales started up again shortly after exiting that narrow access to the lake, so I'm waiting it out. Hopefully the wolves I saw from a distance earlier have been sent scurrying by the cold. I need to find more food, this isn't enough

Progressed along the shoreline, emptying the little cabins of what paltry materials I could. I reckon it's close to 4 o' clock.

These cabins must have been part of some camp or resort, they have fishing jetties and everything. After I approached the second cluster of cabins, one of the wolves caught my scent, it seems. I noticed him stalking me, so I made a bee-line for one of the cabins and closed the door fast.

I'm no lightweight, but I'm not going up against a wolf. Only an idiot would take one on empty handed.

I made a considerable discovery after that. I rested a bit until the winds died, and took a peek. The wolf had buggered off to hunt for something else, so I made my way further up the shoreline. The ice has frozen reasonably thick. I can see some shacks out on the ice, so I think it's fairly safe to walk on. Anyway, back on point. I found this lonely little cabin right at the north end of this lake. the jetty outside is completely bust, but that doesn't matter, ice is frozen anyway. There was a whole racket behind this cabin, bunch of birds, crows, fighting, so I checked it out.

Yet another stone cold son-of-a-bitch, propped up against the back of the cabin. Isn't there anyone alive up here? The birds had scratched at his face some, but he'd been here a while, couple of days maybe, and his flesh was like iron in this cold. He held a rifle in his hand, propped against the cabin, I had to break some of the poor bastard's fingers to get it loose.

If he ain't usin' it, I may as well. no ammo though, so it's a bit better than a glorified club.

It's getting dark soon, and the flurries have died out for now, but these cabins are ice cold, I will end up like the guy out back if I sleep here. By my reckoning, there ought to be maybe 2 hours left, and there is the vague outline of a large building the other side of the lake.

Writing this just before dark. That building I mentioned earlier? I was right, this place was a camp/resort thingie, this was the main office.

This place has some food and water, and with some of the wood lying around outside, and some screwed up newspaper, I got a fire going. I'm not the first here since this snow. There's a stiff up the stairs, and he ain't saying much about how he got here. He's frozen to the boards, so I can't move him. I walked past him on my way up here to get to the beds, and he was there, staring at me, accusing like. Poor sod. That's three dead folks I've found in one day. Doesn't say much about my chances.

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