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Overall this is a great game and I've enjoyed playing it.

The main area where I would like to see improvement is the late game. Once you are set up, the game becomes quite repetitive and there really isn't much danger outside of the wolves so most of my comments are made to make the late game more interesting.


The current conditions you can get in the game (as far as I know) are dysentery, sprained ankles, food poisoning, infections, blood loss.

Dysentery - I have only contracted this once and that was because I wanted to see what happened when you drank non-purified water, it is really easy to avoid.

Sprained ankles - Pretty trivial. I would like to see this slightly harsher. There is an abundance of painkillers and by popping some you can instantly healed. Perhaps make the painkillers a time delay so you have to deal with the sprained ankle for a little while

Food poisoning: I like how food poisoning is now. It seems to have a good balance between being harsh but not being dependent on antibiotics or instantly killing you

To make it a little harder, I'd like to see a few more illness's introduced. Maybe you could contract frostbite if you are out in the cold for too long. Even just random sickness's like the flu which don't hurt you alot but slightly weakens you. Perhaps wolves could do more damage than just blood loss and potential infection. Or even breaking an arm if you fall or something :P.

Food and Rabbits I like that snares now don't break after one use, however I feel it is a little unrealistic/ not challenging that you can just leave your snares in the same spots and continually reap a bounty of rabbits. It would be nice if the rabbit population in an area died down and slowly repopulated based on how many you've snared. This would take away some of the repetitiveness of the game. Similarly for wolves and deer. They spawn predictably so it's really easy to continually scare deer into wolves. I believe similar concerns were mentioned in another thread.

I do like that wolves don't instantly die from being shot, however it's still quite easy to get both a deer and a wolf with one shot.

Coastal Highway It is really tedious after awhile to continually go through similar houses and opening and searching shelves (even with the reduced amount due to the patches). On the mystery lake side even though there is still alot of searching, it doesn't feel nearly as tedious when the areas don't look the same. However I do like the addition of the cars.

As I said, overall it's fantastic. Can't wait to see how the game evolves.

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Anybody who has ever gotten a sprained ankle knows it isn't over in 4 hours. This should keep you down and out for a whole day and if you have pain killers it should only negate some of the speed effect but you should still be slowed down because you can't run on a sprained ankle.

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On the subject of sprained ankles - I wonder if it would be pertinent to consider going into different severity levels of sprains? Simply twisting your ankle can be pretty easily walked off, but I've sprained my ankle bad enough before (broke my other ankle in the same accident so i was double screwed) and it took way more than a couple painkillers to get over that one. :P

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how are you supposed to get a flu or cold when there's no people around who can give you the virus?

agree with your other points though

I get a yearly cold. Starts around October and lasts until mid November. Symptoms include coughing my lungs up, lethargy, clogged sinuses, and light sensitivity.

I get it every year, regardless.

Can't talk for anyone else though.

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