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Raphael van Lierop

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HOTFIX v.166 -- Gameplay Tuning & Bug Fixes

We've just updated The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha to v.166, with the following fixes.



* Tuned bare-handed Wolf struggle to be more survivable (but still very challenging, as intended).

* Tuned Wolf reaction to Campfires and Flares. The Campfire is now the most effective deterrent to Wolf attacks.

* Addressed "ambushing" behaviour by ensuring Wolves cannot spawn near building entrances/exits. (Note that Wolves will still track you to a building exit and remain there for some time before returning to their "Wander" state, so entering/exiting a building in quick succession will not result in the Wolf despawning.)

* Blood Loss now only begins after the Wolf Struggle ends.


* Fixed issue with achievements being unlocked from Main Menu

* Fixed issue with clipping into Fishing Cabin after exit

* Fixes for wolves sometimes ignoring the player

* Fix for rare crash when using last match

* Fish and Fishing-related gear items now spawn in certain containers

* Introduced chance of "Kill Shot" when hitting wildlife in chest and neck

* Container search times more randomized (generally shorter)

* More vehicles added in Coastal Townsite, to provide shelter from roving Wolves

* Fixed issue where sprained ankle status wasn't updating right away after taking Painkillers

* Fixed issue with black polygons appearing in some interiors (only affected Mac); light shafts have now been re-enabled on Macs.

* Fixed vertical line artifact on First Aid interface

* Fixed several floating objects.

* Fixed issue with Antibiotics and Painkillers not always stacking

As always, please post feedback and bugs in the community forums.


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I'm glad it isn't much easier, without the wolves, I wouldn't have any sense of fear. Avoid them or scare them away :) I remember being locked in a cabin, waiting for the wolves to leave and getting hungrier by the second, when I could no longer remain indoors or risk dying of starvation, I left the cabin, through a flare and ran! I made it to a vehicle where I found an energy bar. Very rewarding moment, and if the wolves were not such a threat, I wouldn't have experienced the adrenaline rush I felt trying to escape.

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