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I'm on the newest update and for some reason I'm unable to partake of first aid, at least the drugs. (I haven't tried the bandages or antiseptic). I had an ankle sprain after about 20 minutes of play, but could not take the pain killers I was carrying. Then later, I acquired food poisoning and the same problem. I could not take antibiotics.

I tried to take the drugs from within the new first aid menu first. I clicked on Use with the drugs selected, and then double clicked on the drug bottle. The latter elicited a pill rattle sound, but nothing changed. I tried to use them from within the backpack menu, and nothing. I went to my home base and switched from a 33% quality pill to a 76% quality pill (in case there was some quality limitation) And still nothing. And then I died of said food poisoning, lol.

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Thank you for the suggestion, Bill. The game didn't crash or become unresponsive, however, so I'm uncertain how that would help them or if it would create a debug log since the game played fine otherwise. Also, I don't see a debug log where that link you provided says there should be one. Tld data does not have a txt file within that I can see.

I just played again and reproduced the same error. This time I got to use the antibiotics, but then I couldn't use them anymore, nor could I use the painkillers. From then on, the only things usable where the antiseptic and bandage. Everything else acted as if nothing was there, no matter what I tried.

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