Add a fleece ?

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As surprising as it may seem, there aren't fleeces in TLD, then I would like to Hinterland to add it, this clothe is light and warm, the drawback is its low waterproof bonus.
Stats :

Temp_icon.png.4b87791b9d75cdc1891037f53f697046.png Warm bonus: 2,5C°
Windproofness_icon.png.083b2f0702b8df9f24513a37f11c7c69.png Windproof bonus: 1C°
Waterproofness_icon.png.3ce4ffefd2a35549b6ebaca0268ac916.png Waterproof bonus: 10%
Protection_icon.png.da5676d62a622f453a4cb81cc103904a.png Protection: 2%
Mobility_icon.png.0caf326634726a7caac1cd9ef1f17c63.png Mobility: -2%
Weight_icon.png.9518c721d984658e5f480e8c86a80bd2.png Weight: 0,75 kg

Carcass_harvesting_skill.png.402566f06f7cad4b6b8658f711d99bcf.pngHarvest: Cloth_icon.png.49fa6966dcec3b66768c0eee3523c887.png2 cloth, 40 min.          Mending_skill.png.f70aab8f6204412da802e4fed73b9d96.pngRepair: Cloth_icon.png.49fa6966dcec3b66768c0eee3523c887.png1 cloth, 30 min., 30%

Other ideas or precisions are welcome !

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