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When I first saw the bunkers in game, I thought they were some sort of pipe shutoff valve and ignored them. After becoming well provisioned, that is when I started exploring and now I am on the lookout for such things! They are usually packed with some decent supplies!

The point being, i would love to see more hidden items that are randomized so you can only stumble across them.

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I had a few ideas for making them different.

Make one a hidden artist retreat with murals on the wall and a couple small windows above the small hidden door. Maybe an entrance on both ends of a long tunnel through a hill with a small kitchen alcove.

Another is a a marijuana production facility T shaped with a grow light setup and a generator.

Another is a simple one like in the article that is just a hidden hunters retreat.

Another that is a wildlife photographers retreat with a developers lab and pictures everywhere. H shaped with two entrances. One of the entrances goes into a hidden nook (otherwise inaccessible) in rock with a small garden area and wood heated hot tub. Perhaps even covered with glass.

Another that is a paranoid survivalist retreat a long tunnel through a hill with a small crawl through entrance on each end and many side tunnels filled with gear. Perhaps shelves or rows of lockers down the center with a walk space on each side. Mummified body with a diary a final entry note that says " Damn it all to hell I forgot my heart meds"

All entrances should be well hidden.

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