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Hello fellows,

Dani, actually from germany, reports still beeing alive. Great to be part of the community.

I haven't been playing games in the last 10 years, but when i found a video of the gameplay on youtube, i went for the game in Steam early access.

I've always been intrested in spending much time in the great outdoors in RL - when i can get away from civilisation. Besides rope based climbing i really enjoy geocaching (some may know about it) or just wildcamping. Most of my skills i had to use on motorcycle trips, alone through the andes.

I really love the atmosphere in the game. Getting up early, watching the sun rise .... *just WOW!*

Sneaking through the dark forest, hearing my steps in the snow. Certainly a wolve howls really close .... "Damn, its Fluffy!"

....and how many times i sat in front of the game: "In real live i would do this. ... Oh!, that possible in here as well" :mrgreen:

It just feels great to explore what the Hinterland-Team created til now - Thanks a lot.

Now i already moved in, set up my place and im waiting for new possibilities to craft, more to explore ... and for you to visit me in my camp. I'll keep the fire burning ;)

Salutes Dani

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