through the long dark, comes a stranger


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Hi there. I recently purchased The Long Dark on Early Access, after some time being excited for its release. I am a digital artist, designer, and web designer from Ireland. For years I have also dabbled in Game Development, I have always been interested in created interesting worlds and areas. Perhaps I'll show some of that work here some day.

The Long Dark is a game that I have great faith in, so far the developers have done so many things right. I hope that throughout my playing of the game, I can also suggest or recommend things that could be added or changed. Kudos to the studio thus far, this seems to be a fantastic introduction to a hopefully promising future for Hinterland.

See you around.

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Hi stranger (nice nickname)

Welcome to the community. I checked your artworks and they are amazing. Hope you make some of The Long Dark and post it here in the forum. There is a fan art corner which is constantly growing.

Have a good time in the forums.

I was certainly thinking of doing something based on The Long Dark. Thank you for the kind comments, and I'll be sure to!

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