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I was thinking that this might be the ideal addition to the game, given the fact that the nature of the inventory is not actually elaborated upon, I was thinking that perhaps the introduction of wearable backpacks, which when found, you can choose to search or equip it.

You could have three backpack variants in game.

Basic Backpack: an all purpose outdoor waterproof back pack, carries a maximum of 30 kilograms (66lb). Tough and durable, can last for months under heavy use.

Hiker's Backpack: a professional standard backpack, fireproof and resistant to water and cold, the hikers backpack allows the wearer to carry a maximum of 35 kilos (77lb) with ease thanks to an inbuilt plastic frame.

Military Surplus Backpack: A 40 kilo (88lb) capacity camo-pattern backpack. Heavy duty internal aluminium frame reduces fatigue on user, allowing larger weights to be carried.

let me know what you think, should wearable backpacks be introduced?

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