Running reduces cold?


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Agreed. Running should produce more body heat, but also have the unfortunate side effect of making you sweaty. If you are soaking with sweat you definitely get colder.

The developers must have thought about this, but the game mechanics can only be so realistic until it gets tedious, unmanageable, and taking the "game" out of the game.

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Warmer might be the wrong choice of words there. You will get cold slightly slower, for the duration of the running. That would make sense, since increased calorie use should lead to more body heat produced.

And while the sweating part is also correct, I guess that would be too much to handle properly as a player, since you basically wouldn't be able to use the run function anymore, unless you're exploring and then reloading or running to a specific place you already know of. Otherwise, running in the cold would simply be too dangerous.

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You only sweat, if the mechanisms which are controlled by your brain, make you sweat. One feedback mechanism is the core body temperature. Note: there are several other mechanisms.Also to note is that we are always sweating, but to a much lower degree and with the normal clothes the sweat can evaporate and will not remain on the body. This evaporation cools the body and not the moisture. Yes this is also a reason, why we bath or shower and use deodorants.

Fluids due to a higher contact to the surface of the body and due to larger mass (more atoms) transport better the heat away than gases (both not in motion). In space where there is no matter (substance), therefore the only way to lose temperature is the own body radiation in infrared.

Freezing is a process of losing core body temperature and or losing the transport of the (warm) blood to the extremities.

One thing that some people learn is if you are cold then you should do some exercise, this will raise your body heat and will strengthen to blood flow to the extremities. But if you are extrem undercooled in your extremities this may also kill you. Even a few years back we all learned that if you break on ice into water, we should as fast as possible take our cloths off. Nowadays they learn not to do this, because you will lose faster the body temperature.

Naturally the side effect of burning calories is body heat, also this heat is the reason why we are shaking if we are getting cold. In terms of abstractions i think the best way would be to slowering the freezing due to running or exhausting activities, and to raise the calories consumption for such activities to at least 2x the normal walking consumption. Since the running distance and exhausting activities are also limited due to stamina this should be not that problem for balance in the game.

Naturally this should be also temperature dependend, because even the hardes activities, cannot prevent from freezing in a minus 30° C cold storm. So slowering is better than entirely to stop it.

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Yes this has been thought about, and the running produces sweat = makes you cold, is the mechanism they are working on. So running isn't going to warm you up in this game.

And to let you know, they have talked to, and have a Winter survival expert that they converse with, on all things survival, so they are not going at it, without any knowledge.

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running produces sweat = makes you cold

No this statement is not cogent. Running let's you sweat more if you body core temperature is above 37.5°C.

If you are undercooled and you run you will raise your body core temperature and will transport more blood to your extremities which will cool you down, but as long as your core body temperature is not above 37.5°C, you will not sweat enough. Sweat also cooles you only down if you can evaporate it, this is a physical effect for the state change from liquid to gas. Liquids do not cool something down, only because they are liquids.

They should also ask paramedic's specialised in saving people from cold.

Your statement can be good tested if you go jogging below 0°C or if it is too cold for you then there is a test which you can do in gym: Step on a treadmill and run with a timer and measure the time till you begin to sweat, and your body temperature with a thermometer.

Also a good test is now that the winter is slowly comming:

Go outside and sit down on a bench, if you are feeling really cold and you are shaking, then start jogging. Test and see what will happen, when you begin sweat, how does this feel etc etc. Test anything yourself, ALWAYS!!!

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