Short Feedback on the new regions


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I haven't had much time to explore yet, so I simply took an hour to run around and see what's there to see. Tomorrow I will have more time and be able to fully dive into the new region and all the other stuff.

But just from the little I have seen, I have to say, I'm really awestruck. It's more than I expected, the new area feels huge and still has many nooks and crannies. :)

And that weak ice sound scared the sh*t out of me. xD

I am so looking forward to exploring this. I'll also be looking forward to making a third round of the lantern shots, I imagine the big train bridge to look superb when lit in its entirety. Thanks for making my day Hinterland :D

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My short feedback: it's pretty dang awesome. I really like the starvation system changes, and the intensity indicators for thirst, hunger, etc., should help new people intuitively understand a little better what's going on.

The new zone is just as pretty as the first. Without saying more and risking spoilers, overall it's a slightly different experience (though obviously the same basic routines).

Two Thumbs up!

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