Beds should provide warmth


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I did a little test: I took off all clothes and just stood besides the bed for an hour. Then I reloaded, took off all my clothes and foraged for wood for an hour. Finally I reloaded again, took off all my clothes and slept for an hour. Each time I checked the level of the cold meter. In every situation I gained the same amount of "cold". The temp in the room was -1 in every situation.

Since clothes provide warmth, a bed should do so too. I think the blankets on a bed should provide at least several degrees, same as a winter coat. If I ever get to the point where I don't have any clothes left, sleeping in a bed should warm me up or at the very least keep me warm.

Also, foraging for wood should warm you up at least a little. It burns 300 calories per hour, but I don't see that reflected in my cold meter. Now I'm not saying foraging for wood naked should not increase the cold meter (but maybe it should), but it should at least increase it slower than just standing there doing nothing.

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