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Greetings Hinterlanders Around The World!

As those of you who have been with us from the beginning, you'll see we've changed to a new forum board. We'll be keeping a lot of the newest Hinterland and The Long Dark announcements and updates here, so make sure you bookmark the new forum and check in regularly. :o


We've tried to keep most of the posts from the original forum [along with the users], and have organized the various posts into a more organized categories for you.

We realize there may be a few glitches in some of the post conversions, but know the added functionality and user activity will quickly make up for any hiccups bringing in the old posts.

Some of you might want to check your profile settings (the "User Control Panel" option in the top navigation when you're logged in), and adjust your profile just the way you like it. When possible, we tried to keep some of your original avatars and contact settings, but you may need to update your profile if anything is missing.

You'll also find a lot more toys to play with on the new board too :D


In your personal profile, you'll now be able to include your posting signatures [the space below each of your posts], manage your PM's, and even set your country flag so everybody can see how wide across the globe The Long Dark is reaching.

Oh yes -- for registered users, there's also a live Chat Room [top of page in the very left nav] so that you can grab a shout out or hello with all your TLD buddies on the board.


If you come across any problems or bugs on the board, or even if you just need some help, leave a message in the 'Bugs Report' section. We'll do what we can to solve any issues or help you out.

If you have any trouble with your user account or logging in, you can also email us at admin@hinterlandforums.com and we'll try to get you back online as quickly as we can.

[align=center]Have Fun & Keep Checking In For A Whole Bunch Of Exciting TLD News & Updates![/align]

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