A Husky running around - friendly


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I would love to eventually see the ability to either find a stray dog, or tame/befriend a wolf, which would eventually lead you to the ethical dilemma of starvation. Do you kill and eat the wolf? Do you continue to feed it from your food stores til you both starve? when starving will it attack and eat you? Would add an interesting potential situation to the game.

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after a certain time a Husky running around - friendly. Giving him foods make him stay and become a kind of friend.

Perhaps also defending the player. Partly chance of scaring Wolfs off.

What do You think?

C.U. R.E.Z.

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I think you should read some other topics before opening a new one. There's now at least four topics in which people ask for an animal companion. Tameable wolf, friendly husky. It's all the same. So read up next time before you start a new thread on a topic that is already around. :)

And I think by now the developers know that people like to have interactable NPC's around that people can interact with, wether an elderly or injured person. A dog that you can tame or a invisible unicorn that is always by your side.

And as I've said in the other thread(s): I think it's a nice idea for story mode. But not for the sandbox.

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