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  1. Hello, the idea of Someone to trade or exchange goods with. After all the ammo is used up, one day the end is near anyway. By the way... would there be a way to run it on and on? At the moment I think no. Once, all ressources are used, the end is set. Harvesting wood, shooting wolfs and Deers, melting and cooking water... Am I wrong? C.U. R.E.Z.
  2. Hello, placing Different knifes and Guns in the map. With different skills each. Snall or bigger knifes. Different guns. Perhaps also a Shotgun? Just different items for the same purpose. C.U. R.E.Z.
  3. You are true. Makes sense. Convinced ;-) Edited the Subject C.U. R.E.Z.
  4. Hello, after a certain time a Husky running around - friendly. Giving him foods make him stay and become a kind of friend. Perhaps also defending the player. Partly chance of scaring Wolfs off. What do You think? C.U. R.E.Z.
  5. Hello, just wondered, if the Hinterland Studios set up each model that they do use in the game themselve, or if they also would by contend from third party. For Low Poly Models Terminal26 is a great place to find: Only in case, that You the team from Hinterland Studio uses such contend. Several Models there are also for free. I got several models there myselve. C.U. R.E.Z.
  6. Hello, a deserted, lonely train station might also be interesting to investigate and explore. C.U. R.E.Z.
  7. Hello, or entering the cave becomes avilable after a certain time to be the connection to a new map, a new level. What do You think about that idea? C.U. R.E.Z.
  8. Hello, found The Long Darl at the Unity Showcase: Which code are You using? How big is Your Team, that has set up this great game? C.U. R.E.Z.
  9. Hello, different animals that more or likely escape from the player. Beeing hard to be shot and eaten. Or beeing just there, not meant to be shot. Only for the scene. Have a nice day, C.U. R.E.Z.
  10. Hello, when the sky is bright, more athmospheric sounds in the far like birds, cracking of wood (when there is no snowstrom). When the snowstorm is active, it is obvius, that only the STORM is hauwling. C.U. R.E.Z.
  11. Hello, more mountain caves that go into the mountain. Like a simple cave or like a mine going deep into the mountain. so far some ideas... C.U. R.E.Z.
  12. Hello, the idea of letting certain events happen (randomed?) after a certain time f.e. : - the sound of a plane in the far and of an explosion, at a far distance - the plane is crashed. no survivers but goods and stuff to collect - a arctic slide or vehicle that got stck somethere. Only tracks lead to it. No survivers but things to harvest and to pick up. - after a while some kind of new places, that where hidden under the snow that store stuff to pick up - like snow piles. The snow lown off by the wind and setting them free after a certain time. What do You think? C.U. R.E.Z.
  13. Hello, the athmosphere lives from the lonelieness in the cold and dark. Other alive humans would disturbe this athmosphere I do think. C.U. R.E.Z.
  14. Hello, the idea to ensure that 2 repairsets of each kind are present at 4 capital sites of the game. I mean not hidden at a frozen person or something like that. At a big place. So at least it is ensured to be able to repair also the sets, when they wear off. What do You think? C.U. R.E.Z.
  15. Hello, a giant bear, that appears after some days at the map. Stronger and taking more bullets to kill. C.U. R.E.Z.