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At  Hiberina processing  there is a three door 3 room trailer in the back of the facility as you head towards the boat , i notices when coming back after storing a good chunk of supplies in a locker and wood on the floor that when i returned and entered through the door with four oil barrels near it that my wood and stuff was gone and that the locker i stored things in had disappeared. i walked out and back in through the door nothing changed everything was still gone however when i enter through the door on the other side with two oil barrels i ran through the doorways and my stuff was all there. so basically when i enter through one door it load it as a room and when i enter through the other it counts it as an entirely different space. thing had spawned and stuff i broke down was there again. not the worst glitch in the world but gave me a mini heart attack.

screen_(1027, 21, 1243)_fdb0c29a-d22d-43a6-8719-d91ebf288047.png

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