Prybar and Hatchet disappeared after reload


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Hatchet location:


I hear there is another hatchet in the barn by the farm outside town...

Make sure you enter a house or sleep and save your game before you die and lose that one. There will not be a third until episode 2...

Or jusr start over from the beginning....but that's tedious...

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No problem m8. They REALLY need to get stuff disappearing patched ASAP.....and they REALLY need to patch the XBOX in general. Honestly when they do I would just start over.

Actually now that I thought about it, it just sank in that you said you were on XBOX....that hatchet may have been added when they patched the game to "add more tools to Milton."(second PC patch I think) I don't know that XBOX has gotten any patches yet has it?

Also on PC they didn't even make the first three patches add the items retroactively to ALREADY started runs. So myself and anyone else on PC who started Wintermute on Day 1 had to start over to receive the benefits of these patches anyways....


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