If You Pay Attention, It's Not That Difficult


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This letsplayer is a very underrated letsplayer, imho. I love his play-through's because he is very, very thorough. So thorough in fact that his Fallout 4 play-through ended up going to over 800 videos :D In addition to his ongoing play-through's, of which he has two big ones going right now, every Sunday he samples other games for an hour or so. He calls it Sunday Sampler. I talked him into getting this game on the pre-purchase sale and he's also sampled a sandbox game a month or so ago. But today he sampled Wintermute. He payed attention to the tutorials and he got through very well. He will say something if he thinks something is very wrong or bad, but he got hooked and has decided to play the whole game once it's fully released, which is not typical for him.


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