How My First Interloper Attempt Began and Ended

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Let me set the scene. I was streaming on Twitch. I'd gotten The Long Dark about a week before in a giveaway. I wanted to stream it. I didn't want to stream my main game, which was a pilgrim game. I wanted something entertaining for my viewers. Interloper. Welcome to Hell, population me. 

So I begin at night. I turn in all directions to try to get my bearings; no dice, this must be a new area I've never seen before. I don't have the slightest clue which it could be. I check my pack to see just how low on supplies I am. Terrible clothes, single layer, nothing to cover my head or hands, nothing to start a fire, nothing to eat. I remember an old tip for when you're lost; pick a direction, and just keep going in that direction. (I figured the advice to stay where you are was a pretty bad one.) So, with a night so dark I'm seriously concerned about seeing wolves, I pick a direction and start walking.

All goes fine for a few moments before I hear distinctive pawsteps. Knowing just how vicious these things can be, I turn my butt around and start walking the opposite direction. Sure, it's not ideal to backtrack, but I hadn't been walking long. I knew I couldn't wait for morning, I'd have hypothermia by then and still wouldn't know where shelter was. So I continue on for another several moments, listening just in case the wolf followed me.

Enter the second wolf. Drat. I backtrack a few paces and turn to the side, following a path that sloped slightly down into the scene of a car crash. I feel a glimmer of hope as I begin to loot the cars; even though I found no loot, the sun was beginning to rise finally. However, the sun didn't bring hope.

It brought a third wolf.

I heave a heavy sigh and back away from the crash in the only direction I could go. Confident that there's no way my luck could be so cruel as to present me with a fourth wolf, I begin to walk with purpose, certain I had skirted danger and would now find my way to shelter, food, and a bed. Well, I was correct. I didn't run into another wolf.

I ran into a bear.

With wolves in the other three directions and a bear before me, I saw only one choice. There was a waterfall to my right; it had to lead somewhere. I begin to climb precariously down a 90 degree cliff, crouch walking to each tiny sliver of rock. And if you would believe it, I made it down with only a sprained ankle.

A sprained ankle and 10% condition because I was freezing to death. I began to walk up the river, vision fading, looking for any sign of a building.

They say you can still see a meat popsicle on that river...

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On 06/08/2017 at 2:23 PM, SweetNightmare said:

I wanted something entertaining for my viewers. Interloper.

Famous last words of quite a few video streamers and youtubers when new to TLD.. :D

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That would actually be a good way to start a new game series, but not one to use all the way through.  Not unless you just want to make a montage of all the many deaths you experience.

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