The Long Dark RockingGame! &questions about the development?


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a few days I have been playing The Long Dark.

Congratulations. Really great game so far. :):):)

I thing it has a very specific, deep athmosphere, staying outside alone the the freezing cold,

combined with an easy to handle gameplay a good system of collecting and potential for crafting.

Also suspense and Action is in it... All together a great package with a factor of addiction, like a great game has.

Which 3D Game Engine do You use and which script-code?

Since it is a Alpha, I will also share ideas...

...but it is a rocking awesome game so far :)

Have a grat day,

C.U. R.E.Z.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

As you know, we're using Unity.

We're a pretty small team. I was the only programmer for the first year or so. We have two programmers now!

The full time people on the project are:

Creative Director

Audio Director

Technical Director

3 artists // one was a recent hire

1 programmer

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I am a programmer myself, and afaik you did a stellar job Alan! In ca 100 hours I had 1 crash to desktop and the game hung once on exiting a building. There were absolutely no bugs like dissappearing items, your code must be clean and efficient one can sense that from just using it.

Minor clipping issues but they are not a big deal. You can sometimes walk through the glacier like ice textures and then get inside the rocks. you can also fall off the map if you get past the rocks, but I am sure you know this for a long time.

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