Can't talk to NPC any more [end of Season 2][no spoiler]


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NPC sent me to the D and it seems this is the last task he has for me, so I figured it is a good opportunity to max out the trust stuff. Except he kicks me out and when I go back in I can't talk to him any more.

-> ???

How can I get trust with him now? I did not do any of the trust stuff because there hasn't been a warning like in Season 1 "I have the feeling I will not come back." or whatever.

Unrelated bad camera perspective: Also I was unable to follow the cut scene because I put a lot of pelts on his floor and the cutscene is below the floor, but I only see my pelts all the time.

Unrelated bug: His gift to me is now duplicated in my inventory. I never dropped it or anything.

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