Hey Everyone! New survivor here.


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Hey everyone! Just started playing this game and absolutely love it. Really hits home for me. I'm curious, in sandbox mode what do you guys plan for objectives for yourself? Do you ultimately decide to camp out and stock a base or are you constantly on the move? 


P.S just started the first episode and it seems to be a homerun! Well done Hinterland! 

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Hi Barebouria! 

It really does vary from player to player. Myself, I like to camp out and make a home base at the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley, and strike out to other regions from there. I'm not too much of a nomad though, I usually have two or three sandboxes on the go at once in different regions. I do go back and forth a bit between Pleasant Valley and Coastal Highway, though. 

What do you reckon you'll be? A hardy explorer or a contemplative homesteader? 

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