Story ending bug in episode one.


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So, I got attacked by a wolf. Part of the game, right? Not when it's invisible and spawns right in front of you. Honestly, this alone wouldn't bother me, however due to this attack and two more right after while trying to treat wounds I died and when I reloaded the game, I could no longer progress in the story as the trunk with items from the Grey Mother was empty and I could not complete the mission. Combine this with the constant crashing and I would say that they missed the mark pretty bad. 

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I don't disagree...lot of bugs for something we were waiting on this long. 

Also it seems yesterday's update may have broken the game of everyone who started playing before the first patch.

One of the primary goals for patches is to not break the save games of people already playing. 

Many people are not getting the Grey Mother initial cutscene after patching, and are having to start over again and avoid the 6 or so wolves on the way to Milton with no gun or bow....

It's swellzies....!

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