Game is choppy and there are auras around objects


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I played The Long Dark for over a 100 hours about a year and a half ago. Picked it up again now that there is a story mode and, while playing on exactly the same computer, I now have issues with motion sickness, strange auras around objects that are visible when my character moves and the game being choppy. I didn't have any of these issues previously.

I do have a new monitor, however, I have also tried putting the resolution to only FHD like I had before, graphics at high to medium (tried both), FOV to max, no luck. The larger FOV does help a little with the motion sickness, but I think part of it is also caused by the auras around objects and the game being choppy. It's rather frustrating, as this is one of my favourite games and I've been waiting to play the story mode for ages! (Or so it feels :) ) 

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a mill!

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