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  1. I played The Long Dark for over a 100 hours about a year and a half ago. Picked it up again now that there is a story mode and, while playing on exactly the same computer, I now have issues with motion sickness, strange auras around objects that are visible when my character moves and the game being choppy. I didn't have any of these issues previously. I do have a new monitor, however, I have also tried putting the resolution to only FHD like I had before, graphics at high to medium (tried both), FOV to max, no luck. The larger FOV does help a little with the motion sickness, but I think part of it is also caused by the auras around objects and the game being choppy. It's rather frustrating, as this is one of my favourite games and I've been waiting to play the story mode for ages! (Or so it feels ) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a mill!
  2. P.S.: One more thing: just managed to start a fire outside, what do I need to carry it (well, part of it) inside? I don't seem to have the option of taking a torch, which I normally have when I start a fire in a stove. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I would like to ask where I have the best chance of finding matches? I've been at both Camp Office and Trapper's Homestead, all the little cabins at Mystery lake, Deadfall broken shed.. I have three matches left and I don't want to die out of thirst at this point - I'm just about to make a bow Btw, I have a magnifying glass but the weather's too bad.. I'm playing on Stalker, perhaps the weather's tougher in that mode? Also, and this is not my idea but I'd like to humbly add my voice to the other players who suggested this, I really think it's almost necessary for this game to develop fire starting skill which would enable the character to start a fire just with sticks & tinder. For example, the character could be dependent on matches/lighter at first, but once the fire-starting skills exceeds e.g. 80, they could automatically learn to start a fire just using the nature's resources. Thanks in advance for advice & consideration
  4. Thanks both For now, the only one dying from injuries was me, but, ehm, hope never dies...
  5. Ah okay; yes, the controls are displayed correctly, that is, no RMB instruction, only LMB is displayed. I guess I simply never have the correct combination of a good weapon + stamina.. :cry: will keep on trying! Thanks for your help!
  6. Thanks! So it's just spamming the LMB now? What do you mean by verifying my files, please? Oh and I play on PC.
  7. I can't kill a wolf with a knife/hatchet.. Have tried multiple times, both at the Stalker and Voyager difficulty; it seems to me that the controls do not work the way people at the forums describe them. Mostly, the advice is to spam the LMB to build up the power and then hit the RMB to deliver the blow. However, it seems to me that the RMB has no effect whatsoever; I have seen some videos of people playing the game before this update and the controls displayed during the fight indeed look differently from what I see in the game. However, spamming the left mouse button only doesn't seem to work either - at best, I was able to chase the wolf away, after it's left me properly messed up. Any advice, please? This is making an otherwise great game almost unplayable at this point.. Thanks!