Unable to "continue" to Ep.2


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Apparently this is a known issue. I have reported the bug as well.

After walking through the cave and completing Episode 1, the game skips to a cut-scene of the old guy getting mauled by the bear. After the cut-scene, it kicks me back to the main menu. When I hit continue or resume, It brings me back to my last save (Entering the cave). When I hit load, there is only the option of Story1. No Episode 2 option appears. The only way to continue on to Episode 2, is to start a new save file which leaves you with none of the gear or goodies you collected throughout the first episode. 
I have tried restarting the game, creating a new save by sleeping in the cave. It seems as though I am forever stuck in this loop and unable to continue with all of my gear and the only way to proceed is to start Episode 2 as a new save with no progress or gear... :( 
FYI Xbox One version.

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