Why would you change all the game pad buttons?


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The game is barely playable with a controller now. It is clunky and unintuitive to move around backpack tabs. I don't even want to play.

Why would you change things that are working fine and make them suck?

The bumpers don't change backpack tabs anymore, apparently the d-pad does,  and now I have to click X to slelect a tab to be able to move from backpack to drawer with the triggers. Doing anything involving inventory management is a huge pain in the butt now. 

No thanks....

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10 hours ago, JAFO said:

Old engineering maxim.. "If it ain't broke, tweak it 'til it is!"

Hinterland are rather good at that.

That's pretty much what they did. With the exception of dropping an item every time I opened my inventory, the gamepad worked fine. I solved that issue myself by making it a double tap to drop an item.

Now you have to press "X" after opening your inventory to access your inventory. Before pressing "x" it seems the bumpers work the way they did, but the triggers won't move betwern your backpack and the storage container until AFTER you hit "x," however once you hit "x" the bumpers no longer work to switch inventory tabs....now only the d-pad will switch tabs.

It is the most cumbersome and counter-intuitive system that one could imagine....actually I take that back. I'm sure it could be MORE complicated....that was just an expression....

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