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I planned a long time ago to buy some clothing and gear in The Long Dark Shop, but it was too expensive on the one hand. And on the other hand, i wanted to wait until Hinterland had the real coffee mug (shaped like the one in the game), in order to feel like a hard, tough survivor on day onehundred on Timberwolf Mountain, when drinking out of it ;)
Now i waited until the release of TLD because i thought that the store would get an update too. Well, it got an update, but it's not the one i was hoping for :(

Ok, the new style with the axe is not bad, but where are the Shirts and Hoodies with the OLD Hinterland Logo and the "The Long Dark" lettering on it? The new mug is not to bad, it's okay, it has it's own way to be cool. I would buy it also. But i would rather have the original in-game mug (assumed that you didn't change it with the wintermute update). In fact, i would buy both of them xD And it is correct that there is just 1 new Shirt and 1 new Hoodie left?

Can someone from the team confirm that you will bring back the old Hoodies and Shirts, with the old Hinterland Logo and lettering AND the old colours (blue and red)? I waited so long on purpose and now everything i wanted is gone!>:(:(:(:(

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I'm having the same issue! I'm able to add items to the cart and get to the checkout screen but it fails/rejects/gives some random error every time.

I've waited for this stuff to be available again and I doubt I'll be able to get an order placed in time before it sells out!

Anything Team Hinterland can do to manually place an order? It's a relatively expensive order but only three items..


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Hi @Karl Grylls, thanks for your questions. Right now the store inventories should be up to date, but everything on there is an item we intend to keep carrying into the future, so things that run out will be restocked. 

We don't currently have plans for merch with the legacy logos, but thank you for letting us know it's something you'd be interested in!

@Fission_Mailed are you still having trouble? It's possible there is an issue with our check-out service, which we are currently looking into, however if you haven't done so already, try rebooting or clearing your browser's cache -- this can resolve a surprising number of common website problems.

If you're still not able to place an order, please send a message to our merch team via this form and we'll make sure you are looked after!

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