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It would be funny if they added in a troll attack as a one off event. It could based on the troll hunter film. It could start off with the player finding bear tracks, which if you follow lead to a bear carcas, then you hear the ground shake, and in the distance the tree start shaking then are pushed a part and a huge troll appears. Could set it up like the hunted challenge. So you have to escape the troll and find the UV gun then hunt the troll down and use the UV gun to turn him to stone. 

Anyway just a idea.

p.s. Could also add that if you try to hide in a building, the roof gets pulled off and he gets you. Game over.:)

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What you suggest is impossible for several reasons. First of all, it is impractical - they would have to code the Troll, the troll behaviour, make the troll graphics, the shaking, and a thousand of other things, all for the sake of an event on a small season, the Halloween. Also, there would have to be entirely new "graphics" section just for the roof getting pulled down, for EVERY single building in the game. 
That is thousands of work hours of coding simply to make an event.

As opposed to the Halloween event last year, which was relatively a simple event where they used the things that are already in the game - they simply made it a permanent night for 7 real life days.

Here is a tip - don't ever bother suggesting some major game changes for the sake of a single event. The devs are unlikely to take that suggestion into consideration because rather than appealing to a single short event once a year, they could use that time to create something which the game would benefit from the whole year. 

Only the major game titles created by major companies tend to dedicate extra time and resources to something like yearly events because they can afford to do it. I personally would be much more grateful if the devs focused on adding more things into the game rather than appeal to people by preparing elaborate events.

And finally, "troll attack" really don't sound very Halloween-like to begin with, I'd expect something like a headless horseman sightings which is pretty festive, troll attack just doesn't really fit into my idea of a Halloween.

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I am relaxed, just critical like I always am.
Game engine would really not be a problem, it would be doable on this one. Just impossible amount of work for next to no results.
Also pretty sure this is not the thread to suggest jokes, that would be this thread: 


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