Gasoline weight suggestion.


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2 hours ago, Vinceofpyrenees said:

With less than 1 kg per liter, gasoline seems to be lightwieght than water. Without counting the weight of the jerrican !

Don't you think that should be heavier, devs ?

No.. actually, the devs got it (almost) correct.

First of all, the lantern fuel is kerosene, not gasoline.. gasoline would be far too dangerous for use in a lantern.

The Specific Gravity of kerosene ranges from 0.78 - 0.82. That means it's less dense, and therefore lighter, than water. (At 0.68 - 0.74, gasoline is even lighter than kerosene.) For reference, the specific gravity of water is 1.0.

Using your picture above as an example, if you multiply 2.73 litres by 0.82, you get a mass of 2.24kg. That would mean the jerry can weighed only 40 grams, which seems unlikely. If we use the lower SG value of 0.78 instead, we get a mass of 2.13kg, which would mean the container weighed 150 grams.. still unlikely, but certainly better than the other result. So.. Hinterland actually got it pretty close.


(Incidentally, this difference in SG/density/weight is the reason why fuels like gasoline and kerosene float on top of water.)


Edit: Side note here.. Don't they teach basic science in schools any more? Sheesh, I learned this stuff when I was 13!
(not taking a shot at you here, Vince.. just at your nation's education system)

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On 7/28/2017 at 2:04 AM, starfighter441 said:

An empty Jerrycan is about 5 pounds (slightly over 2 kilos)  or so if I recall correctly.  But don't rush to correct that Hinterland...

Just had a look at the Wikipedia article, it's actually 10-11.5 pound empty, depending on the manufacturer.

The weight very much depends on how much fuel it carries.. the ones in TLD have a maximum capacity of 4 litres. That's quite small as far as Jerry Cans go. The ones you're referencing on Wikipedia hold 20 litres. Checking my local hardware store's online catalogue, I see 20 litre metal Jerry Cans at 4.15kg (9 pounds), and 10 litre ones at 2.85kg (6 pounds). 5 litre cans (I've never seen a 4 litre one) weigh 2kg (4.4 pounds), as per your original guesstimate.

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