Bear Traps/Additional Trapping equipment?

Piers Arkan

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Hello! I recently concluded my 20 days in Coastal Highway, having only disturbed the Bear once. I had made my base at the fishing camp, and looking back I don't think I would have minded a system of perimeter defense against the occasional bear or wolf. Bear Traps seem like an addition to this game that would fill that niche. 

One could most likely find bear traps used by any survivors, like the many frozen dead around, or perhaps in those trapper areas. I definitely think they would be items that could not be repaired with just the scrap around however. They could even be placed active somewhere in the wild, and I believe that would make for certainly a lively experience, were someone to go out idly into an area and step into a trap.

A Bear trap could also be useful for wolves, or maybe even deer, though I think they might have reduced chances of capturing and holding deer. Mechanically speaking, as in how they work in game, I imagine that a Bear trap could be found active or inactive in the world, and disarmed using a stick or similar piece of firewood, should there not be an animal in it. Should there be an animal in it, past the percent threshold of say 70% frozen, one must use a prybar if they wish to remove the trap without first thawing the animal out. The removal of a trap may take time, perhaps 5 or so minutes and 100ish calories? After that, one may begin to harvest the animal. While it certainly could be open for debate, I think that quartering the animal has to come after removing the trap, but considering that the trap would be on the animal's leg, may not be that big of a stretch. 

Placing a bear trap in the wild would likely also require a flat surface, and perhaps storms may set the trap off, like how they do with rabbit snares. 


What are y'alls thoughts? Are there any other varieties of traps you all would like to see employable in the world? perhaps some more involved, complex rope snares for deer or wolves? 

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